Searching for a tweet

After you’ve made your initial post using the Passle button, and selected Save and Continue, the Passle Twitter Picker will appear. Here you can add up to six tweets to support your post.

If you wish to search for other tweets, you will first need to connect your Twitter account to Passle by selecting the authenticate with Twitter link (this link appears when you first select the search tweets icon) and follow the simple instructions.

Authenticate with Twitter

Once you’ve connected your Twitter account to Passle, simply search for a keyword or phrase to generate a list of related tweets.

Why can’t I find the tweet I want in the search?

Because of Twitter’s API, the Twitter Picker can only search through tweets from the last nine days (or less). There is also a limit on the number of tweets which can be shown in the Twitter Picker, so sometimes not all tweets will be displayed. This sometimes may mean the Twitter Picker will not display any tweets.

Need more help? Watch the Using the Twitter Picker video: