Adding and removing tweets on a post

Adding a tweet

After you’ve made your initial post using the Passle button, and selected Save and Continue, the Passle Twitter Picker will appear. Here you can add up to six tweets to support your post.

Passle Twitter Picker

You can also search for other tweets by selecting the search tweets icon in the top right-hand corner of the Twitter Picker.

When you make a post (or you want to go back and add or change tweets later on a Passle post), open the Edit Post view from your Passle dashboard.  Scroll down to the TWEETS section at the bottom and select Manage tweets button to access the Twitter Picker.

Manage tweets section in Passle Edit Post view

Removing a tweet

To delete a tweet, select the cross in the top right-hand corner of the highlighted tweet that you want to remove. Removing a tweet

Need more help? Watch the Using the Twitter Picker video: