Creating a post from scratch

A post can be created from scratch using the Passle button or via the dashboard. Follow the instructions below or view the video at the foot of this post showing you how to create a post from scratch using the dashboard.

Using the Passle button

A post can be created from scratch using the Add to Passle button.

  1. Select the Add to Passle button without selecting any text.
  2. A pop-up window will appear asking ‘Write post without selecting text?’ > Select OK button.
  3. Create a post by selecting a Passle to post to, entering a post title, and writing your main content.
  4. Remove the image (this has been captured from the internet page you are currently viewing) – and select a new image if required. Add tags to make your content easier for others to find.
  5. Select Save and Continue to complete your post as normal.

Using the dashboard

A post can be created from scratch from the Passle dashboard.

  1. To access your Passle dashboard, log in to Passle.
  2. Select the Passle you want to write for from the left Passle menu
  3. Select Write a post from the Manage Passle options panel on the right-hand side
  4. Add your content
  5. Add your tags
  6. Add a featured image
  7. Select Save and continue button
  8. Add tweets or schedule your post
  9. Select Save changes

You can then check your post and Publish it,  or Request approval from a colleague.