Are there any copyright limitations when using the Passle button?

Pressing the Passle button runs a bookmarklet that enables authors to select a quote or passage from an article online and enables the author to comment on it. Passle can also pull images from the web page being referenced.

There are limits imposed by the software to ensure fair use of third-party content.

  • Only 140 words can be selected from an article by using the bookmarklet
  • The images are limited to only those that have been deliberately ‘sharing enabled’ by the website in question using the Opengraph tag (for use by Facebook, Twitter and the other social networks).
  • Passle can import images from Flickr using an API. Images returned are governed by a Creative Commons license that allows Commercial use with attribution Attribution CC BY
  • An author can upload an image themselves
  • There is always a link back to the original article.

It should be noted however that, like any other blogging platform and word processor, authors can copy and paste third-party content and images downloaded from the internet and pass these off as their own work. In the event we are notified of this, we will remove the content from the site.