What is the Twitter Picker?

The Twitter Picker enables you to add tweets to display alongside your post to give context.

The Twitter Picker appears after you’ve created and saved your initial post using the Passle button, or is accessible when you edit a post using the Passle dashboard.

You can add up to six tweets from the list presented in the Twitter Picker. However, if you wish to search for other tweets, you will first need to connect your Twitter account to Passle by selecting the authenticate with Twitter link (this link appears when you first select the search tweets icon) and follow the simple instructions. Once you’ve connected your Twitter account to Passle, simply search for a keyword or phrase to generate a list of related tweets.

Why would I want to add tweets to my posts?

Adding tweets is a great way to give context to your posts, so you can present the bigger picture on the topics you write about.

You can align your views with industry thought leaders, present different sides of a debate or just give a snapshot of the social media buzz around an issue – helping you to make your posts even more relevant and interesting to readers.

Watch the Using the Twitter Picker video: