Mikkel Keller StubkjærHead of Development, Novicell

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About Mikkel

Mikkel has worked at Novicell for a total of six years, including two years at Novicell UK as Head of Development.

In his role, Mikkel oversees a diverse team of software developers to build industry-leading products, using robust architectural practices and innovative software solutions. In addition, Mikkel takes on the role of Solution Architect, working closely with our customers to define their scope and technical requirements.

Mikkel was previously the Commerce Team Lead and Architect at Novicell’s HQ based in Aarhus, Denmark. Prior to joining Novicell, Mikkel was the co-founder and technical lead at his own digital agency. Mikkel has extensive experience working on large-scale e-commerce solutions and bespoke conferencing platforms.

Mikkel has a passion for music and is madly in love with vinyl records.

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