Gemma Lyon – MacfarlanesHead of Marketing Communications

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About Gemma

Gemma is a highly driven original thinker who has spent over 15 years in marketing and communications roles, including global branding, internal communications, marketing strategy and crisis management. Her most recent roles have focused on developing and implementing brand strategy, marketing campaign management and ‘driving digital’ to achieve results.

Broadcasting your brand: how to build a successful podcast

Podcasts are a great way to turn your platform into an extension of your firms brand. Passle and Macfarlanes are two firms that have both successfully established a podcast at their firm, and in this session Passle’s Communications Manager, Charlie and Macfarlanes Head of Marketing Communications, Gemma will share just how they did it.

The session will cover:

– The story of the Passle CMO Series and the launch of REPRESENTS
– Key factors of successful podcasting
– How to identify your audience and topics
– The importance of effective distribution
– Why feedback is a value add

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