Crossley SanfordManaging Director

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About Crossley

As Managing Director, Marketing and Communications, for global consulting firm Ankura, Crossley is an experienced leader focused on delivering effective communications with a focus on leveraging digital technology. Her background in project management, business development, and strategic planning, has proven to drive growth and achieve results. Crossley has demonstrated expertise across multiple industries, consistently delivering impactful solutions and fostering successful collaborations.


We All Do It: Driving Sales & Revenue

Join our panellists as they distil over a decade of collective experience into tangible takeaways for success. Together this panel will explore how individually, they are reimagining their marketing tech stack, and reshaping client access to insights to help them drive business growth at their firms.

Takeaways include:

  • Adopting a behavioural intent approach to marketing to keep you ahead of competition
  • How taking a business development approach to your lawyers can drive sales
  • The impact of leveraging technology to drive your marketing strategy
  • Balancing the above with keeping lawyers engaged and proactive
Naomi Butson, Marks & ClerkMary-Ann Russell, AMS