Amanda MoulsonGeneral Manager at Access London
As General Manager, Amanda oversees London operations, but as Access is rooted in insight-driven programming, Amanda is the creative and strategic custodian who stress tests all programming content to ensure that the target audience group is ruthlessly defined and that the strategies and tactics will create the desired behaviour change to deliver business impact. During her career to date, she has worked with a number of clients, including Coty, Philips, PepsiCo, Unilever and Epson.
Amanda graduated from the University of Georgia with an A.B. in History and Art History. She has worked as a professional photographer, shooting for US national outlets, such as CNN (where she covered the Academy Awards, among other stories), the LA Times, Chicago Tribune and a number of private sector clients. She has also produced a body of short films and penned a column for
James Bell, special correspondent at BuzzFeed UKRichard Fogg - CEO, CCgroup and Aperture