CMO Series Webinar

The War on Talent: Opportunities For Today’s Legal CMOs

Tuesday 28th November – 16:00 (London time)

‘The Mad Clientist’ Michael Rynowecer joins the series to explore BTI Consulting’s latest research that uncovers the lateral war raging over legal CMOs and the opportunities for legal marketing professionals in the current landscape.

Key Takeaways:

  • Explore the current landscape for legal CMOs and dive into Michael’s insights on CMO mobility from research conducted over the past three years.
  • Discover the top triggers for CMO transitions in the industry from culture to compensation.
  • Learn about the implications for law firms and how leaders can empower CMOs to retain the industry’s best talent.

The session lasted around an hour and included time for Q&A with Michael.

About Michael

Michael is the President and Founder of BTI, a recognized expert in client feedback programs, brand perception rankings, and strategic consulting. He’s a trusted advisor to top legal decision makers, including Fortune 10 companies and over 200 global professional services firms. A prolific author with over 40 publications, Michael’s latest book, “Clientelligence®,” offers actionable insights for client acquisition, retention, and revenue generation. His work is highly regarded in the business press, where he comments on market trends and strategies.

  • Michael Rynowecer
    Michael Rynowecer President and Founder, The BTI Consulting Group
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