Feature: Adding additional authors to your post

Passle allows you to create posts in collaboration with your colleagues by adding additional authors and co-authors. You have the option to include up to 6 authors per post. 

Additional authors can be added in two ways. By being listed as an author or by being listed as a co-author. Here are the key differences between the two: 


Will have all content be attributed to their name and user profile in Passle. This means that any post that an individual is assigned as an “author” to, this post will appear under their profile and name. 

These posts can also be pulled to other locations by the JQuery plugins using their userId. They will also receive the same uplift to their Expert Influence as the primary author.


Co-authors will have their name appear under the co-author title on the post but the content will not be classed as ‘their post’ and so it will not be listed on their profile page nor appear in their statistics.

Passle also allows you to re-order authors in the event that you are looking to demonstrate seniority.