Feature: An Introduction to Client Connect

Client Connect is the fully automated and customisable 1-2-1 newsletter digest tool. It allows your clients and future clients to subscribe to the key topics they want to hear about. They can also follow the insights of the individual experts from across your firm. This means that your clients get delivered the insights they want, when they want them.

As a fully automated tool it saves Marketing, Communication and Business Development teams hundreds of hours as they no longer have to pull together insights and send to their various distribution lists.

Client Connect will also feed back to the central team and the individual authors who is subscribing to and who is engaging with the insights.

Getting set up on Client Connect is a simple three-step process

1. Plan 

We will require a short consultation call with you to discuss what offering you would like to provide your clients and future clients with and show you how the tool functions. Your Client Success consultant will discuss how you can use Client Connect to achieve your marketing goals and objectives and help determine the design and content categories for your firm’s digest. 

2. Implement

The Passle team will work with your team to implement your plans and designs and bring your Client Connect digests to life. 

3. Launch

Your Client Success consultant will help you determine the best strategies to launch Client Connect to the experts in your firm as well as your clients and future clients. 

To find out more get in touch with our team at clientsuccess@passle.net