Passle Accreditation Course

Passle is proud to announce that our new accreditation course is now live!

The team at Passle have been hard at work developing an accreditation course for all of our Passle “super-users” and it is now available to our clients. 

The course provides you with the knowledge and tools to explain what Passle is, the problems the platform is built to solve, and how it goes about solving them. This understanding will give you the confidence to explain how your experts can benefit from raising their profile online, positioning themselves as the “go-to” trusted advisor, and driving commercial growth for the wider firm.

Additionally, we also aim to help you understand what best practice looks like when the platform is implemented and functioning successfully and ultimately get the best value possible out of Passle.

The course comprises of 3 sections: 

  • What Passle is, what problems it solves & how it solves them.
  • Best practice guidelines for building profiles, listening, creation and sharing.
  • How you as an admin user can use your knowledge and tools to explain what Passle is, and how it can best serve the experts in your firm. 

If you would like to take our accreditation course and become part of our Passle Community, please email or alternatively contact your client success consultant.