Passle kick off – a note from our CTO

Our documentation section of the Passle Support Centre gives an overview of how Passle integrates with your website, technical information about what is involved, and about the other tools we provide. 

Here’s a quick summary:

  • The content of the posts you create is hosted by us. This means we can optimise it, allows us to provide all the tools to make it effective and makes a basic integration very straightforward
  • We replicate the design and navigation of your site, and we serve the posts from a sub-domain of your main site domain (eg
  • Our platform is optimised for SEO using Google’s tool 
  • Our platform is built to be secure using the latest security practices, including penetration testing and the option of two-factor authentication for your users
  • We offer additional tools which allow your web team to integrate content you have created on Passle into other pages of your site (eg a widget showing latest posts)
  • An important part of what we offer are the tools we provide users for creating content on desktop and mobile devices