Feature: Click tracking on ISTATOY’s


ISTATOY emails (I SAW THIS AND THOUGHT OF YOU) are sent to clients and prospects. By leveraging the Expert-led content created on Passle it is easy to answer the specific problems that they have and position you as the trusted advisors in this area.

The click-through rate on these emails to the content suggested is very high – over 50% (and rising to 90% in many cases) compared to around 3% for ‘marketing emails’ – but it is difficult to know if your recipient is interested. 


Passle has added a ‘Track this’ button to the ISTATOY interface. If selected then when the user clicks the link in the ISTATOY email they will be presented with a cookie policy that explains that the link is tracked. If they ‘OK’ this policy then an email goes to the sender saying ‘Bingo – your email has been clicked’.

If they do not ‘OK’ the cookie policy then a couple of days later an email is sent saying we don’t know if they clicked and didn’t accept the cookie, or didn’t click at all…