Getting engagement with your content.

How can you get valuable, useful insights in front of the people that matter, and get them interacting with those insights?

That’s the challenge with most content marketing campaigns face. No matter how well written or researched the content is – it won’r read itself. According to Edelman, buyers want to receive content that is:

1. Relevant

2. Timely

3. Digestible

4. Industry Insights

5. Delivered by a trusted source

Hopefully by listening to your customers and producing expert led content, you’ve already ticked off the first four. The final criteria; delivery by a trusted source is the most important. If your content isn’t delivered to your audience via a trusted source – it’ll most likely not be engaged with.

Here are 5 things to do after you produce every content piece to ensure that you are making the most from your insights and engaging the people that matter.

1. Circulate your content out to your firm

Every day throughout your firm your colleagues are interacting with your clients and prospects, helping guide them through their challenges and building meaningful relationships. If there is an insight that will help one customer – chances are that it will help others. Make sure your firm knows about the content you are producing.

2. Share it & name check the relevant people

If your insight has a specific target, don’t be afraid of picking the network that is most relevant to them and sharing that insight directly. This works best if its someone the reader knows, like their account manager or sales rep. Remember to name check and tag them in the post so that they get the notification on their phone. Everyone enjoys flattery to some degree, sharing content like this sets your firm apart and shows the value you place on your relationships.

3. Send it directly to the people that matter

Email marketing has fallen out of favor. But a direct personal email from someone the reader trusts with a relevant and helpful insight is the perfect way to keep providing value and stay front of mind. Our research has shown that these emails are engaged with more than 50% of the time, which is phenomenal when contrasted with the usual 2-5% for email marketing. We call this method of engaging readers ISTATOY (I Saw This And Thought Of You).

4. Reuse your content

Once you have an insight, you can package and use it a number of ways. That might be a newsletter for an industry, a summary of one expert’s insights delivered to their most important clients or a monthly roundup of content on one particular topic. Another successful strategy is to do a newsletter of content from an event – circulating that is a great way to own the post event follow up in a helpful way.

5. Feedback to your authors

If an insight is clicked, shared, read, commented on or liked. Make sure your authors know. A short note saying who and from what firm engaged with an insight is a surefire way to illustrate the value of writing content and will encourage more in the future.