Say your P’s and Q’s online as you do in real life

It is pretty obvious but how we act online should reflect how we act in real life. That means if someone shares or likes your posts or comments on social networks like LinkedIn it is polite to click ‘like’ or thank them in the comments.

Much like you would always react to someone who was nice to you or asked you a question face to face it is only right to do the same online. This is especially true if your interactions online are with your core audience of clients and prospects. 

Some basic examples that come immediately to mind;

  • Be approachable – connect with people you meet & those you work with
  • Have a firm handshake, look them in the eye – Don’t just make a connection, introduce yourself with a note
  • Be gracious – if someone comments on one of your posts or connects with you – say thanks

Thanks for the inspiration for this post to Tim Hughes of Digital Leadership Associates quoted below…

My partner sat next to a total stranger on the train into London. She talks to everybody. Within 10 minutes they hugged when he got off the train at the next stop. How do they go from total strangers too long lost friends? This is a great example about how we are “social animals”. The same should happen on social as in real life. Somebody sends you a connection request, say thank you. If somebody leaves a message on a post or an article, say thank you. Our saying please and thank you is common curtesy in real life and it should be on social.