Passle’s Editorial Guidelines

We publish our thoughts and expertise on the subject of Expert to Expert marketing and sales. These guidelines outline what we have come to expect from our content and our authors.

Don’t talk about us. Talk to one customer about their challenge.

In the same way that a conversation singing your own praises is a bad experience, so is a Passle post. Your posts should shine a light on a problem a particular customer has.

You are a professional with a personality. Not a personality with a platform.

We want to see your sense of humour, your ideas and personality come through in your posts. Remember though that Passle is not a personal platform, posts should be helpful for our audience.

Have your post edited. Keep the approval process simple and fast.

A second opinion takes moments and can help avoid simple errors that are hard to spot. When editing, look for simple mistakes, check for rule 1 & 2 and get it approved. If you or the author feel strongly about a particular point – make the change.