Feature: How to upload a PDF to your Passle post

If you use Passle you can now upload PDFs to feature alongside your content.  This is an incredibly easy way to share your latest white paper, IP report, or publication with your clients and prospects.    

To do this, simply follow the steps below: 

1. Create your Passle post: Enter your title and thoughts.  An executive summary provides the reader with a brief overview, bullet points can be helpful here. Or for longer PDFs, you might instead want to draw attention to and shine a light on a particular section. 

2. Change the featured media to PDF and upload your file.

3. [Optional] You can edit the preview image that appears by selecting the ‘change thumbnail’ button and adding an appropriate image.  Either upload an image that you have rights to, or alternatively search for a relevant image through Passle with access to over 1 million graphics for you to choose from.