Feature: Create your own podcast or video post and add PDF’s on Passle

If you use Passle you can now create your own video or podcast channel!  This puts you firmly in the driving seat to represent yourself online.  All you need is your phone or a microphone attached to your computer!  Check out the video below to see how.

Here at Passle, we regularly monitor client & user feedback to ensure our technology is aligned to your requirements when it comes to demonstrating your expertise online.

Our most recent and exciting updates means Passle supports various media types, including native video and audio as well as adding PDF files. Directly from the Passle platform, you can now upload your own podcasts, video content, and connect your Passle posts to already existing media (YouTube, SlideShares, Vimeos). 

See very first use of this functionality by listening to our Co-Founder, Adam Elgar, explaining what Distributed Leadership means to sales and marketing.  

As you will see it is just a two sentence post followed by a 5 minute podcast where our Head of Marketing Sam simply interviews Adam.  Very easily we get the info out of Adam’s head and to his audience.

This highlights how easy it is to start adopting audio and video approaches to your 2019 content strategy. We are experimenting with how best to use this but already we see the following applications as being very powerful

  • Interview your clients on a podcast 
  • Interview your prospects – great way to deepen your relationship with them!
  • Use video content at conferences, trade shows and workshops to capture what you have learnt and share instantly
  • If you, or one of your colleagues, have been featured in the news, often there will be a Youtube clip which you can include as part of your Passle post.  Great way to celebrate the brilliance of you and your organisation.

The video embedded below illustrates how you can get started with uploading your media onto Passle. (Song by Adam Vitovsky). 

"Audio is going to be titanically important" - Marc Andreessen (Renowned Tech Venture Capitalist)