What is the next step after creating content?

You have started writing content which is fantastic, however you might be thinking: what do I do now?

Creating a post is the first hurdle you have overcome, but now it is important to get those insights in front of the people that matter.

Make sure you share your content to LinkedIn, Twitter and other relevant social networks as soon as it has gone live. It is important that you are sharing this content to your personal accounts as you will be connected to your clients and prospects. 

Sharing your post is really easy. See the simple steps below…

1. Click on your post which is displayed on your company’s Passle page.

2. Click one of the sharing buttons located on the right-hand side just under the title.

Hit “post” and add a quick comment that helps your network understand the post. Remember to name check your key clients using the @ symbol.

You can also share content easily from the Passle app. Please click here for instructions on how to do this.