Keeping score and how it helps me create regular content

Part of the reason I am writing this post is to keep slightly ahead of my colleague Freddy on the Expert Influence Score we invented to help Passle Users regularly create content.  It is not the most important reason I am creating online content this week or the most logical one but it is the one thing that pushed it up my priority list today so I am actually doing the thing I promised myself I would – and that is important.

LinkedIn have the Social Selling Index.  All companies try in some way to help you measure how well you use their tech.  It makes sense.  We all need a hand and many of us like a little benchmarking or competition.

I first starting getting my own Passle Expert Influence Score a couple of months ago.  As explained in the article below it measures how regularly I am creating content and how effectively I am sharing it.  Not a lot of point in posting if no one important sees it so there is a cool algorithm that rewards the most ‘effective behaviour’.

We have our scores shared with us every week via email like this:

This note is important.  It is a very public way to show whether or not I am doing the thing I said I would for myself and my team.  It also brings in a little competition which helps me – it is very much a bit of fun (but I really do not want to drop below Freddy again :).  What is good is that the top of the table is the person who has most improved – otherwise with us it would always be Adam and David at the top and the rest of us would get a bit disenchanted.  This way if you drop off the wagon and get back on you are rewarded with recognition.

Where I found the Expert Influence Score extremely useful is when I returned from holiday.   I missed 3 weeks posting due to holiday and the fact when I got back I had an awful lot to do.  My posting dropped off and I was finding it very hard to get back into the habit.  What spurred me into action was the fact I dropped 10 points on my score.  This dramatic drop in form gave me the kick I needed to get back into it.

Now I have set myself a ‘red line’ number that I do not want to drop below.  No-one else knows what this is.  It is very much a personal target however some Passle Users are starting to include the Expert Influence Score into their KPIs.

What I have found is that a score is important and useful.   I would love to hear your thoughts.


Your Expert Influence Score (EIS) shows how effectively you are demonstrating your expertise online and where you can improve. Calculated across four categories, your score is determined based on your success at: Building a personal profile Producing expert insights Sharing content with your network online Sharing your content Expert-to-Expert