How to create a post using the Passle button – Commentary Post

Passle makes it easy to provide expert commentary on the topics that are important to your key clients.  In doing so, you can show your expertise to those who are important to your business.

6 recommendations for improving your Passle content:

  1. A title that tells the reader exactly what they will learn
  2. Your commentary – the most important bit! This should be between 100-300 words of your expert insight.
  3. One clear point that resonates with your audience
  4. Simple language – avoid technical jargon (unless you are sure this makes sense to your audience) 
  5. A quality, related image
  6. A destination – how are you going to get this insight in front of the people that matter? 

To read more from Passle’s marketing manager about how you can take your content to the next level, follow the link below: 

6 tips to take your Passle post to the next level – Sam Page