How to send an email using ISTATOY

ISTATOY stands for I Saw This And Thought Of You and gives you the ability to share relevant content directly with your key contacts. 

Watch the video below reviewing how to send an ISTATOY email (1 minute 40 seconds).

Applications of ISTATOY: 

  • Reviving a conversation with a cold contact – relevant content gives you a great reason to open dialogue with a historic business contact. This can be the difference between maintaining or losing touch with key members across your network.
  • Executing the sales nudge. When you have exhausted all other avenues and you do not want to send the ‘Did we make the shortlist?’ email, sending a 1-2-1 note with a thoughtful insight can act as a key differentiator to your competitors in demonstrating an understanding of the client challenge. Read James Barclay‘s post ‘The sales nudge nailed – via content’
  • Nurturing key and peripheral stakeholders. 
  • Positioning your firm as a value-add partner. This alters the perception of a traditional client-vendor relationship by leveraging the expertise within your firm. 
  • Pipeline development. 
  • Establishing new business line contacts across your clients and prospects. Bringing an insight to market via an existing contact can lead to introductions and result in new opportunities generated. 

When it comes to deciding what content you should send, LinkedIn and Edelman PR have surveyed the 5 characteristics of successful thought leadership. Read the below to find out more: 

Short-form outperforms Long-form – Edelman and LinkedIn

How to send an ISTATOY Email