How to team sell with Passle

The value of team selling is to demonstrate to your buyer that:

  • You (the vendor) really cares about their business
  • A demonstration to the buyer of the range of experts within your business to execute the proposed product or solution

Our clients use Passle to do just this by delivering content to the stakeholders at the buyer with timely, relevant and personal content. If you are using Passle and not yet doing this, please just send us a message and we will show you how. 

At a high level, the sales executive(s) (illustrated by ‘The Wider Firm’ below) can request content from their team (illustrated by ‘Subject Matter Experts) that will resonate with the opportunity to advance the deal. 

This content is then made available to the sales person and the wider business to share with their prospect through the required mechanism (Social Channels, Newsletters, ISTATOY). 

It is key, like any of this process, that feedback is provided to the team on how their content is received. This is provided within Passle to the author and central team. We also integrate with other marketing technologies too. For example the NTT Group have calculated a specific Sales Qualified Lead ratio for when they execute content creation alongside team selling by integrating with Salesforce and Pardot. 

To repeat the above. What this process confirms to the buyer is that you are thinking about them and importantly showcasing the other experts within your business who will enable the solution or product you are selling.  

Team selling is the practice of identifying the various stakeholders involved on the buyer’s side, better understanding what or who from the selling organization may be able to influence them in the right way, then involving those individuals from your own team within the sales process. For example, in certain instances, a head of product, engineering lead, or even CEO or a board member may be best suited to speak to their respective counterparts on the customer side, given their insightful perspective of the role and any considerations that come with it. Not only does this allow these team members to specify value adds of the product that sales representatives may not be able to otherwise articulate, but also this enables the selling team to show the importance it will give the account by involving key management from day one.