New Passle features for July 2018

Regularly at Passle, we release updates, improvements and new functionality to our Platform. For this release, we’ve added some new design elements for Passle pages, a new look for the Passle pop-up and a new feature for sharers – our new suggestion tool.

I thought it might be helpful to take a closer look…

The Passle pop-up – a new look and new features

An updated look for the Passle pop-up will be the first thing to notice. In addition, you can now change a post image directly from the pop-up. Either upload the image you want directly or choose from other images you have uploaded to Passle.

ISTATOY (I Saw This And Thought Of You) appears as a different tab now, alongside our new feature –  the suggestion tool, which will allow authors and sharers to send content suggestions directly to authors. If you have a need for a specific piece of content, you can now nudge your team with the suggestion tool.

Authors will have all three of these tabs (write post, ISTATOY, send suggestion) while sharers will only have two (ISTATOY & suggest).

Changes to Passle pages – GDPR compliance & infinite scrolling

We’ve had infinite scrolling for some time on Passle pages. With GDPR and requirements to show privacy notices and footers, we’ve now added a “load more” system to allow your footer to be prominently visible.

Adding to GDPR compliance, we’ve added a cookies notification for visitors to the page that explains the cookies in use and gives the option of turning them off.

As ever, if you have any questions about these updates please get in touch with