Sending a Targeted Newsletter with Passle

Sending a Targeted Newsletter with Passle

Targeted newsletters are an effective channel for delivering content directly into the pockets of your key contacts and priority clients. 

Forming part of the B2B marketing armoury, when used to communicate with a highly relevant and focused audience, they can produce the following benefits:

  1. Nurturing prospects - an email newsletter acts as a regular touch point, consistently keeping your experts front-of-mind 
  2. Drive business growth - tracking newsletter engagement will enable you to review topics of interest, and furthermore suggest buying signals/intentions
  3. Address market challenges - by providing insight into specific market trends and challenges, you can position your individuals as "go-to" experts, leading industry conversations with timely and topical content 
  4. Educate key clients - by serving informative and applicable content directly to your clients, you can capture the insight from the heads of your busy experts and relay this to overstretched professionals who consume your products/services

Ultimately, newsletters are an excellent way to demonstrate domain expertise, positioning your firm, and individuals, as a trusted and reliable sources.

Newsletters do however come with the one caveat, that the content delivered must be of specific relevance to the recipient.

The video below - helpfully narrated with James Barclay (playing the piano) - illustrates how you can prepare a targeted newsletter in Passle, using tags to filter by topic.  The record to-date I believe is just 6 seconds to pull a Passle newsletter together! 

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