Sharing your Passle internally – Simple employee advocacy…

This is one for you if you want to amplify the reach of your team’s Passle posts.  

Make sure you get the greatest reach for the posts your team have created by getting the rest of the firm to share.

This is best practice:

  • Use the Passle employee advocacy tool to create an internal newsletter with all the share links included.  This is dead simple.  Just watch the video below.
  • Copy and paste the summarised Passle posts into an email
  • As an introduction write positive comments about the content and content creators (throw some bouquets 😊)
  • Send this email to the most senior person you can at your firm (the Chief) and ask them to send it to everyone@ your firm. Make sure they ask everyone to share, share, share!!
  • Because the note comes from the Chief and because it’s easy to share everyone does.

Done.  You have a simple effective way to reward the behaviour of your content creators, maximise reach of the content they have created and provided everyone at your firm niche,  timely, expert led content that will help them develop their networks and drive their business.

Passle's newsletter feature can be used to share your latest content internally. In this quick video Jenna Peaty shows how it's done...