Paul Andrews on Passle best practice

Below is a link to the video version of our latest podcast with Paul Andrews, Managing Director and Editor-in-Chief at Family Business United. As part of our discussion, Paul also shared insights into how he uses Passle to share the right content, I particularly liked this emphasis:

“I don’t repost, or share anything or publish anything I haven’t found interesting, and that’s my benchmark. I don’t believe in deluging social media accounts with content for the sake of putting content out there. It has to have some relevance or be something better than the last thing we did. If you take something like succession planning – succession is written about the world over – the number of articles we get sent that say this is the best succession article ever and it’s just the same seven things over again, it’s just pointless, why bother republishing it? So for us it’s human elements, human angles, people speaking honestly about their journey is what people want to read. They want to hear about people who’ve gone through the same things.”

As Paul says in the rest of the podcast, there is no lack of content out there: what’s important is finding the gems in there. Doing so and putting your stamp on them is what will establish you as a trusted advisor. 

Listen to his full insights in the video below, or read the transcript here.

In our latest podcast, Paul Andrews, founder of Family Business United, shares his passion for Family Businesses and his top tips for B2B Marketing Success. Podcast can be listened to here: You can read a transcript of the podcast here: Check out Family Business United here: