Vlog #10 | Introducing the new Passle homepage!

You might have noticed all sorts of exciting changes in the last few weeks to your Passle homepage. Previously, when you went to www.passle.net as a logged in user, you would simply see the latest posts from the Passles you follow.

It’s now been revamped so that you can see:

  • Latest posts from your team, with buttons to share this content easily to social media
  • Basic stats so that you can keep track of how your posts are performing
  • Latest posts from the Passles and Channels you are following
  • Suggested content for you to read and follow from across the Passle network

As an extra exciting update, Twitter counts are now back. So your existing and future posts will update with the number of shares your post has had on that social network.

To see these features in action, simply watch the brief video below, presented by our CTO John Bosley!

Passle | New Features Vlog #010 | John