Visual marketing for non-designers

I’ve been often asked for tips for creating visual content for blogs or social media. I tend to feel a tad fraudulent about this, as my Photoshop skills are rather limited. However, not a day goes by at work that I don’t create an image of some kind, whether it’s to illustrate a tweet, frame information on Instagram, or give an edge to my blog posts.

Hence this webinar, in which I share two of my favourite tools for creating images: Pablo, and Canva. It’s been a journey of trial and error – I could show you some of the infographics I created when I first joined Passle and you would laugh! There are fancier apps out there, but if you’re looking for everyday easy to use tools, then these two are winners.

(and yes, the slides for this webinar were made on Canva)

If you’d like to get a quick demonstration of how they work then do watch the webinar (below) – it’s a little over 20 minutes long.

What it won’t cover are technical aspects of design: which fonts are the best, how to pair colours, and so forth. Plenty of places cover this already, I do give a shout out to Canva’s wonderful Design School which does all of this wonderfully. 

What I would say is that if there is a struggle between something looking cool and something being readable/accessible, the latter should win, everytime. 

Whether you don't have the budget for an in-house designer, or you would like to know some shortcuts to creating great visuals for social media or blog posts, this webinar is for you.