🎸 🍭 Did you know you can add Emojis to your titles? 🍷😎

I admit it, I’m an emoji convert. There was a time when smiley faces, Facebook stickers, and even GIFs, brought me out in hives. Now I can’t get enough of visual accompaniments to writing, and I’m glad to see they have an increased presence in B2B marketing. 

It’s easy to add emojis to social media updates on mobile as there’s a keyboard option, but if you’re wondering how to do so on desktop, I’d say that the easiest thing to do is head over to Emojipedia (yes, it is a thing) and copy and paste the emoji you want. That’s what I did with the title of this post.

You can type in the search bar the ones you fancy or have a look at their special categories. These are the ones for Summer for instance:

If that sounds like too much work, there are of course various plugins such as Emoji Input.