How to use Twitter search to create your next Passle post

When stuck for inspiration, I find nothing quite beats a challenge. So here is one for you, outlined as a step by step process. Try it and let me know about it!

1. Pick a hashtag, any hashtag, such as #contentmarketing or #fintech or #proptech. The only rule is that it has to be relevant to your business. I wrote a whole list of professional services hastags here if you’re feeling stuck.

2. Enter that hashtag into Twitter’s search bar (it’s at the top right next to your profile icon).

3. A whole list of tweets using that hashtag will now be displayed, all sharing links.

4. Your challenge is to pick one of these titles and turn it on its head with a new post. So for instance, searching for #contentmarketing turned up Patrice Truong’s tweet: ‘5 Big Ways #ContentMarketing Will Change in 2016 One way of changing this would be to create a post titled ‘5 Big Ways #ContentMarketing Won’t Change in 2016’.

5. After you’ve created your post, make sure to select the tweet that inspired you (as I have done with Patrice Truong) and credit them for the idea!