Employee Advocacy and Passle’s newsletter generator

There have been some exciting changes to Passle’s newsletter generator in this last sprint. We’ve created an “internal” version which is specifically designed to enable Employee Advocacy.  

Why would you want to do that?

In large organisations it can be hard to keep track of what wonderful things your colleagues are getting up to (heck, this goes for SMEs too!)

By sharing your content with colleagues, particularly those who are not using Passle, you not only make them aware it exists. You also make it easy for them to share it to their relevant contacts and extend your content’s reach organically. Essentially, this process amplifies your business’s thought leadership across the whole wide web.

Employee Advocacy is a buzzword you’ve probably encountered before. What it essentially means is allowing your whole team to be brand ambassadors. 

One change I didn’t highlight in the video below is that each post in the newsletter comes with links to share that post to the different social media networks. So it really is very easy for your colleagues to spread the word – they just need to click twice!

Watch the video below and give it a go!

You might have noticed a few changes to Passle's newsletter generator - they're there to make employee advocacy much easier!