The magic of Passle button

The quickest way to create a post is by commenting on an article using the Passle button. On any web page, highlight a snippet of interesting text and hit the Passle Button on your bookmarks toolbar to start a post.

Passle Chrome extension
Passle Chrome extension
Passle bookmarklet
Passle button in Firefox/Safari/Edge

Set-up, integration & custom branding

Passle takes care of everything so you can concentrate on creating great content.

We set everything up so that all the busy fee-earners have to do is focus on sharing their expertise.

We offer various custom branding solutions for your Passle, and can integrate it with your main website using our plugins.

Passle grid view examplePassle grid view FinTech Collective


Passle makes it incredibly easy for you to share your content across the different social media networks.

Use our ‘selected tweets’ feature to extend your reach.

Additionally, our newsletter function has a LinkedIn Pulse option, so you can share your recent articles to your connections.

Share Passle posts to social media
  • "One Passle blog which took 20 minutes to write has generated a very active LinkedIn discussion that has attracted 22 detailed comments and 127 likes. Those 127 people are all prospects. We are impressed. “

    David Key
    David Key Managing Director, E Squared

Approval process

We know how important getting a second pair of eyes on your work can be. This is why Passle has a optional approval process feature.

You can send your post to a colleague for feedback, or have designated person(s) in your team reviewing each post before it goes live.


Passle’s newsletter feature means you can share your most recent posts with valuable contacts in seconds.

Simply select the date range and posts created during that time will be generated, in the desired format. You can copy and paste it into your email marketing service, or send it directly from Passle to your subscribers and contacts.

Quickly publish company newsletter with Passle
Passle details statistics

Feedback and statistics

Passle integrates with analytics and marketing automation platforms so you can track traffic seamlessly across your website.

Passle sends weekly reports of individual post reads, likes and shares, as well as feedback on your newsletter opens and reads.

  • "When we started PIE, we knew that content marketing, blogging and being far more active on social media was something that we needed to do well,  but as I’m sure happens with most businesses, the what seemed like “mammoth” task of actually doing it properly was a hard project to start. We came across Passle at an industry event. Now four months down the line, we’ve a LinkedIn Most Socially Engaged award on our desks & social referral traffic to our website up over 400%, we’ve discovered some pretty good writers in our business we didn’t know we had, and developed a sound content marketing strategy. Passle has been a great vehicle for us to achieve some of our goals so far, onwards and more importantly - upwards."

    Chloe Whitelock
    Chloe Whitelock Marketing Manager at Pie Recruitment

Build your community

Creating content on Passle also means building a wider audience.


You can follow other companies’ Passles and repost their content to your own. Other companies can follow and repost your posts too.


By tagging your Passle posts with relevant keywords, you make it easy for other users to discover you and your content.


Readers can easily subscribe, so that they can be alerted to your new posts and receive your newsletters.