How it works

What Passle does

Passle lets experts create and publish content in moments​

Give the bright, busy subject matter experts at your company a set of simple but powerful tools and the inspiration they need to create relevant, timely insights.

What Passle does

Passle enables experts to create insights in moments

Give the bright, busy subject matter experts at your company a set of simple but powerful tools and the inspiration they need to create relevant, timely insights.

How we solve the problem

Simple three-step process

Passle 3 easy steps diagram: Listen - Create - Engage


Listen to the market and your clients – you can source key topics from across your team.


Create content that resonates with your target audience – in whichever medium will be most effective.


Engage with your market – deliver the right content to the right people at the right time.

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Turn your busy Experts into recognised thought leaders

Find out how Passle can help you create regular, authentic and powerful industry insights that power growth.

Where it goes

Put your knowledge to work

Subject matter expertise is no good unless it’s out in the world opening doors and deepening engagement with your key prospects. Passle doesn’t stop when an insight is published – we deliver the tools for getting those insights in front of the people that matter in the places that they are most active.

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what clients say

How Passle helps leading organisations become recognised subject matter experts

  • "(Passle) will make my job so much easier as it’s authentic, its our people going out there and commenting on what’s in the media. It means that they are out there talking about the issues that matter, talking directly to their clients and being a lot more targeted."

    Amanda Clement Clients & Industries Lead at Deloitte
  • "Part of the value for me in Passle is building personal profile, demonstrating expertise is a part of that but for me more importantly is demonstrating personality. I think the firms brand really reflects the personality of your people."

    Nik White Managing Partner at Brabners
Why it works

Training & gamification that keep content interesting and focused

Passle works best when used as part of a team working towards a shared goal. We support our platform with a dedicated client success team that provide training on authoring, social selling and content marketing.

We create a real step change in behaviour in your experts.

Our training and on-boarding is the result of working with hundreds of firms. It ensures that users not only learn to demonstrate their expertise quickly, but also long term in an authentic, relevant and valuable way.

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Why it matters

Get powerful, authentic insights in front of people that matter

User network

Build the brands of your experts

Establish your people and your firm as the go to experts in your field.

LinkedIn likes from your network

Reach the people that matter

Share your insights on your website, social media and directly with key decision makers.