Passle Benefits

Passle is a simple and fast way to create and share content. It allows your experts to showcase their expertise while increasing their online visibility.

We offer a complete solution. Training, set-up and ongoing support are all provided. The only thing we don’t do is write your content for you: you’re the experts in your field, not us.

Be seen as the “go-to” experts in your niche by creating regular relevant content

Enhance your social media presence, leading to deeper engagement with clients

Drive the right people to your website


Passle vs Traditional Blogging

Easy & reactive
Hard work
Detailed stats
Limited or no stats
5-10 minutes
No fun

Passle’s effect on a professional services firm

  • Unique visitors go up

    31% increase in unique visitors to their website

  • Pages per visit go up

    Those that arrived through Passle went on to click on 9.46 other pages compared to an average of 3.92 pages per visit

  • Time on site goes up

    They also stayed there for 11 mins and 13 secs compared to an average of 2 mins and 49 secs

  • Bounce rate goes down

    The “bounce rate” when people arrived through Passle content was 15% compared to an average of 45%

  • "A big challenge within our company was how to release the experience of the experts within our team and turn it into regular content. Getting the balance right between regular content and using their time efficiently was tricky – until we found Passle."

    Kirsty Trainer
    Kirsty Trainer Marketing Manager at Foregenix

Passle & Content Strategy

The Hero, Hub, Hygiene model lays out different classes of content. Passle takes care of the ‘Hub’, attracting and informing your audience with regular content.


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