Engage the busy experts by making it easy to demonstrate expertise

Customers buy expertise, and firms that can demonstrate their knowledge have an advantage over those that can’t. It can be difficult to get experts engaged in sales and marketing but through Passle it becomes easy.

  • Experts can use a simple tool to create authentic insights in minutes
  • The entire process is gamified, giving regular but specific encouragement
  • Clear, relevant metrics reinforce the value of demonstrating expertise

Get your insights in front of the people that matter

It’s not enough to have regular, authentic content, created by experts. To give content value, it must be delivered to the right people in your prospect organisations. Passle helps achieve that.


Specialist training to help identify, understand and reach the key influencers in your important accounts.


Easy to use sharing tools for all social networks, newsletters and specific 1-2-1 emails.


Instant feedback and dashboards that show when insights are being engaged with.

  • "One Passle blog which took 20 minutes to write has generated a very active LinkedIn discussion that has attracted 22 detailed comments and 127 likes. Those 127 people are all prospects. We are impressed. “

    David Key
    David Key Managing Director, E Squared
  • "I have been really surprised at the number of shares and reads some of the posts have generated. Shows what a good thing Passle is."

    Matt Baldwin
    Matt Baldwin Managing Director, Coast Communications

Improve sales and marketing results across the firm

Expert insights are most effective when delivered 1-2-1 to build a relationship with a key prospect. An insight that is valuable to one prospect is often valuable and well received by others. A library of insights can be useful across marketing and sales.

  • Insights are available for social, PR and search marketing efforts
  • Nurturing prospects becomes easy with tailored, authentic content
  • Get more from expensive events through expert opinions before and after
Passle funnel marketing process

Establish your firm as the go to experts in your field

With expertise and knowledge being the basis of sales and marketing, your team will be better informed, more knowledgeable and better advocates for your brand. Marketing and sales are equipped with a genuine understanding of the industry whilst internal experts have a better view of what motivates buyers.

  • Bring sales, marketing and experts together regularly to develop key accounts
  • Show what you know authentically, without ghostwriters.
  • Create a sustainable engine for growth, powered by your own knowledge
  • "When we started PIE, we knew that content marketing, blogging and being far more active on social media was something that we needed to do well,  but as I’m sure happens with most businesses, the what seemed like “mammoth” task of actually doing it properly was a hard project to start. We came across Passle at an industry event. Now four months down the line, we’ve a LinkedIn Most Socially Engaged award on our desks & social referral traffic to our website up over 400%, we’ve discovered some pretty good writers in our business we didn’t know we had, and developed a sound content marketing strategy. Passle has been a great vehicle for us to achieve some of our goals so far, onwards and more importantly - upwards."

    Chloe Whitelock
    Chloe Whitelock Marketing Manager at Pie Recruitment
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