Using a CNAME and its benefits

What is a CNAME?

The CNAME (A Canonical Name record) is a way of pointing sub-domains at a different servers to the main host. Thus may be pointed to a different server such as

It is an industry standard way of dividing up different functionality on a website. Many organisations, for example, use to host client-specific content behind a login, with the content hosted by a third party that specialises in building client portal (extranet) applications.

Passle has a similar solution. By using the Domain Name Servers, each Passle page can have a unique sub-domain name, for example:

This has four major benefits (and is highly recommended):

  1. The website name and URL look ‘right’
  2. The SEO flows to your domain
  3. Your analytics package can be used on the content
  4. The entire page can be ‘skinned’ in your existing website design (so there is very little difference in navigation or look & feel).

Watch the video on why it’s useful.