Options for integrating Passle with your website

Passle can be integrated into your site in many ways, none of them require a great deal of work and our experts are on hand to guide you through the process.

We have a couple of options for integrating Passle with your site. The method we would recommend as the most seamless is to use our jQuery plugin, in conjunction with adding a CNAME DNS record to allow the posts to be on a subdomain of your site.

jQuery plugin

The jQuery plugin is very simple to use: just a small script which will embed a feed of posts directly into your chosen web page. You can choose from a selection of layouts, including the ’tiled’ layout, or if you want a custom layout you have the option to write your own CSS to lay it out as you wish. Most people tend to use one of our predefined layouts.

When users click on a post, the page they then see is hosted by Passle.

Your layout options here are:

If you choose not to integrate using the jQuery plugin, then you can just add a link to the root of your Passle, which will show the ‘tiled’ layout of all your posts with whichever branding you have selected above. View an example of an integrated jQuery plugin

Adding a CNAME

Adding the DNS record (CNAME) just takes a few minutes and allows you to maximise the SEO benefits of Passle, so we would definitely recommend doing this.

RSS Feed

We are also able to provide an Atom (RSS) feed of your posts which can be used for creating a custom widget or similar. Read how to find your RSS feed