How to find your Passle RSS feed

An Atom (RSS) feed of your Passle posts can be used for creating a custom widget or similar. The RSS feed only includes data from the Passle standard tiled view (as opposed to the full article view for each post).

To find your RSS feed, select the General tab from the Manage Passle options on the right-hand side:

Where to find your Passle sss feed

The RSS Feed is composed of: [Passle ID shortcode]


Additional parameters

There are a number of additional parameters that you can add to the path in order to page your feed and get a specific number of posts per page, or even filter posts by a tag.

The format for doing this is:[Passle ID shortcode]/[Number of posts you would like]/[Page number]/[Tag to filter posts by]


This will return 15 posts instead of the default (10):

This will return the third page of results, 20 posts per page:

This will return the first page, 5 results per page, filtered to only include posts with the tag ‘marketing’: