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Rainmaker /ˈreɪnmeɪkə/ – a person who generates income for
a business or organization by brokering deals or attracting
clients or funds.

Rainmaker Passle event logo

Rainmaker /ˈreɪnmeɪkə/ – a person who generates income for a business or organization by brokering deals or attracting clients or funds.

The expert-to-expert sales & marketing conference


Some people have an exceptional ability to influence others and drive phenomenal business outcomes for their organisations. Rainmaker 2018 will analyse the methods used by these individuals and look at the environments where thrive.

Whether they are called social ambassadors, brand evangelists or luminaries, Rainmakers are a unique and powerful competitive advantage.

This half-day conference will bring together a series of truly exceptional individuals from IT titans, Global Consultancies, Elite Sports and the Armed Services.  You will learn about how they operate and what your organisation can do to attract, nurture and retain these game-changing players.

Rainmaker 2018 offers a unique opportunity to meet other professionals from across the professional spectrum in a relaxed informal atmosphere.


Thurs 28 June 2018

14:00 – 18:00 BST


Cavendish Conference Centre

22 Duchess Mews, London W1G 9DT


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Arrival drinks


Welcome address by Adam Elgar


  • Andrea Clatworthy
    Andrea Clatworthy Head of Account Based Marketing, Fujitsu

How to run a successful Rainmaker program

How do leading organisations nurture and develop Rainmakers? In this presentation you will hear about the successes, pitfalls and the impact that Rainmakers can have on an organisation. Perhaps most importantly, we examine how organisations can leverage their Rainmakers to drive business growth.


  • Jo-ann Robertson
    Jo-ann Robertson Partner & CEO, Ketchum

The path of a Rainmaker

Jo-ann takes us through her journey in Public Relations, examining the lessons and learnings that come with becoming a Rainmaker. Individuals looking to become Rainmakers in their own right can learn from Jo-ann’s experience.

As Partner and CEO at Ketchum, Jo-ann has a strong understanding of how key stakeholders think both in the UK and globally. Her insights inform communications strategy and tactics for some of the world’s most respected organisations, improve reputations and driving real business impact.


Break & networking


  • Kenny Logan

Where Rainmakers thrive

Environment plays a massive part in the cultivation of Rainmakers and it hugely affects their ability to perform. This presentation looks at the key elements of a successful culture and what is needed to create and retain elite performers.

Kenny gives an insight into his childhood battle with dyslexia and his rise to become a professional rugby player winning three English Premiership titles with Wasps and 70 Scotland caps over an 11 year period. Kenny has since transferred his skills into running Logan Sports Marketing, and becoming their Rainmaker, working with some of the biggest consumer brands and professional services and technology companies in the world.


Panel Discussion

Rainmakers & change

In a modern world with technology, connectivity and an increasingly competitive world – how have Rainmakers had to adapt and what challenges will they face in the future?
  • David Kirk
    David Kirk Senior Vice President, Passle
  • Nigel Walsh
    Nigel Walsh Partner, Deloitte
  • Stephen Ruff
    Stephen Ruff Bus Dev & Alliance Manager, everis UK
  • Leor Franks
    Leor Franks Marketing Director, FTI Consulting


  • Emma Dutton MBE
    Emma Dutton MBE Co-Founder & Managing Director, Applied Influence Group

Rainmakers, influence & pressure

Central to the role of all Rainmakers is influence, that special quality that Rainmakers have and wield so effectively. In our closing keynote, Emma examines how to deliberately and strategically develop  and exercise influence to achieve your goals.

Pressure and influence go hand in hand for Rainmakers and are areas that Emma Dutton is uniquely qualified to discuss. Emma gained her experience in influence from some of the most high stress military environments in the world. Over five tours of Afghanistan, Emma was placed in leadership and governance roles, leading teams that collected time sensitive life-saving information.

6.00pm – late

Drinks, networking & England vs Belgium World Cup Football



Digital Privacy in B2B Landscape by Passle and Kingspin Communications

Tues 4th April 2017, 18:00-21:00 BST WeWork Moorgate, London


Rainmaker 2018
Digital Privacy in B2B Landscape by Passle and Kingspin Communications
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