Passle jQuery Plugin Test Page

The Passle jQuery plugin allows simple embedding of Passle posts on your website.

If you would like to experiment with the layout options beyond the examples given on the Introduction to Passle jQuery plugin and layout examples page, please select the link below. The field values used in the jQuery Plugin Test Page are also given below for reference.

Field values

passleId String No Default The unique ID of the Passle you want to retrieve posts from.
Read how to find your Passle ID
userId String No Default The unique ID of the user whose posts you want to retrieve.
Read how to find your User ID
numberOfPosts Number Default: 20 The number of posts you would like to display.
layout String Default: “full” Specifies layout mode, choose from "full" (default), "compact", "minifeed" or "none".
cssId String/Boolean Defaults to passleId if provided, else false Specifies which Passle’s custom CSS to retrieve, alternatively set to false for default CSS styles.
isotope String/Boolean Default: “center” Specifies isotope mode, choose from "center" (default), true, or false.
filter String No Default Filters retrieved posts by tag name.

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