Passle Default Styles

Use Passle Default Styles tab to customise the theme colours for Passle content, e.g. page background colour, text colour, link colour etc., as well as choosing whether to add a drop shadow beneath the Passle post boxes.

Passle default styles tab

Following options are available:

  • Page background – the colour of page background behind the tiles (grid view only) and Follow/Subscribe button text.
  • Header text – the colour of Passle title (if there is no logo) and subheader (if set to be visible).
  • Header link – the colour of Follow/Subscribe button background and navigation links.
  • Header link hover – the mouseover colour on navigation links.
  • Post border – border colour of post tiles and circular buttons (like/repost/share).
  • Post background – the colour of tile background (grid view) and post background (post view).
  • Post text – The colour of text, including: comment, quote, date and the content of circular icons (icon and number).
  • Post link – the colour of post title link (grid view) and all other links (post view).
  • Post link hover – the mouseover colour on post title link.
  • Post detail – the colour of quote bracket and highlighted Like button, if the post has been liked by you (grid view) and the circular buttons background colour (post view).
  • Add drop shadow – add a 3d shadow effect to the post tiles in the grid view.

Grid view


Post view

Custom Design Tool - Single post view style options

Custom jQuery plugin CSS

This is also where you can add custom CSS for the jQuery plugin, to resolve CSS conflicts where the plugin is installed on your site. Any custom CSS added to this text box will only affect Passle posts displayed via the plugin, but will not affect your Passle site itself.

Any changes must be saved to take effect.

Creating more complex customisation

If you would like to have more control over what your Passle page looks like, for instance you want to replace the Passle header/footer with your branded one, you need to create a new version for your custom design. In order to start creating a new custom design please click on the New Version button in the top navigation bar.


custom design tool iconcustom design tool icon