Creating a custom design

To create the first custom design click “New Version”. This will automatically switch the design tool to custom design version 0, as shown in the version dropdown at the top.

To create subsequent custom design versions there are several options:

New Version

Creates a new blank custom design version.

Clone Version

Copies the content from the currently viewed custom design to a new version, where it can be edited as required.

Please note: this need not be the live custom design version. Previous custom designs can be cloned by navigating to an earlier version number using the Version dropdown, selecting that version to view, and then clicking Clone Version.


Copies a custom design from another Passle within the same client.

Choose a Passle from the dropdown to the right of the button and click Fork. This will copy the live custom design version from that Passle to a new custom design version in the current Passle, where it can then be edited as required.

custom design tool iconcustom design tool icon