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Reed Smith smoothly adopt & build momentum with Passle

Early days

Since becoming a client in November 2019, Reed Smith has implemented Passle as a critical component of their global thought leadership strategy.

A smooth, steady user adoption has successfully cultivated engagement and collaboration among its members. This can be seen through their impressive roster of hundreds of active authors, each contributing their unique insights and perspectives.

An exemplary rollout led by the Reed Smith marketing team, supported by Passle has built momentum year after year, strengthening their position as a thought leader in the legal industry.

  • "We're now seeing 200% and higher increases in our profile views. It's brilliant when you think about how we want to build our brand in the digital world."  

    Sadie Baron
    Sadie Baron CMO at Reed Smith

Key metrics & impact

Their content-first digital initiative has delivered remarkable outcomes in terms of metrics and impact. With over 1,250 insights generated to date, Reed Smith’s thought leadership content has resonated with impressive audience, one of the largest at Passle, reflecting the value and relevance of Reed Smith’s knowledge and expertise.

Additionally, content has attracted tens of thousands of views to the biography profiles of their lawyers, positioning the firm, and its lawyers as a trusted source in the areas in which those lawyers specialise.

Reed Smith’s Passle initiative has also excelled in driving social engagement and amplification. Through its thought leadership content, the firm has generated tens of thousands of social referrals – that is traffic driven from social sites like LinkedIn to the Reed Smith website.


Reed Smith’s strategic implementation of Passle has proven highly effective in driving thought leadership globally.

Smooth user adoption has built momentum and encouraged collaboration among its members. The impressive metrics highlight the impact and reach of Reed Smith’s thought leadership content. With their Passle initiative, Reed Smith continues to solidify their position as a trusted authority in the legal industry.

The increased social interaction demonstrates the firm’s ability to empower its lawyers to connect with their key clients and future clients, colleagues and future colleagues and a broader audience across various platforms. This reinforces Reed Smith’s reputation as a trusted voice in the legal field.