Paolo Cuomo in front of No 10 Downing Street

Instech Community Case Study

InsTech London


In 2015 Paolo Cuomo, Principal at the Boston Consulting Group, and Robin Merttens, Consultant and Analyst, aimed to build an insurance technology innovation community for entrepreneurs, investors and market professionals.

In Autumn 2015 they started using Passle alongside their content strategy to create a timely and consistent conversation with their audience, globally.


Passle enabled them to easily gather insights from experts from across the industry, making it a go-to resource for instech content that complemented their Meetup activities. The content they created cemented their position as thought leaders in the instech scene. By February 2017, their Passle had received over 105,000 impressions., while their Meetup group counted 1,845 members.

  • "Passle allowed us to simultaneously build both an expert group and an engaged audience by making it easy to curate content from disparate contributors and present it in a very engaging manner. The tool has helped to build both our voices as authoritative experts and powered our ambition to make our resources the go-to place for all content around Insurance Technology within the market."

    Paolo and Robin Founders, Instech London



InsTech London’s Journey

September 2015

The London InsTech Passle is formally launched.

The first London InsTech Meetup is held in a pub with 15 friends attending.

15 Members in Meetup Group.

February 2016

137 posts created on their Passle.

London Instech organise a Show and Tell Meetup sponsored by PwC in London. They have a sellout crowd of 250.

500 Members in Meetup Group.

July 2016

230 posts created on their Passle.

The InsurTech Conference organiser, Paolo Cuomo, is crowned the #insurtech Godfather

800 Members in Meetup Group.

August 2016

Organiser Paolo Cuomo invited to consult with the British Government on Insurance Technology.

1,036 Members in Meetup Group.

Paolo Cuomo in front of No 10 Downing Street

November 2016

268 posts in their Passle.

London Markets Group and Lloyd’s of London create an Innovation Council, steered by Paolo and Robin. A new Passle is deployed to communicate with Market.

1,491 Members in Meetup Group.

February 2017

299 posts in their Passle.

They are called to the House of Commons to tell the All Parliamentary Party Group about a London market insurance innovation proposition called RiskForge, and to make the case for greater levels of central and local government assistance for #InsurTech.

1,845 Members in Meetup Group.

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