Law Firm Case Study


“Even the fastest firm cannot beat the media,” says Rachael Oakes. “It takes time to prepare a press release or an article, and even longer to create and issue a newsletter or host an event for our clients.”


“Passle allows us to create content and have that post in front of our clients and prospects within minutes. As soon as the Supreme Court had published its decision we were able to create a brief commentary and have that issued immediately”

“My team has always embraced digital marketing and social media and when we were introduced to Passle we could immediately see its potential.The speed and simplicity behind sharing content really appealed.”

Rachael Oakes, Partner and National Head of Family Law at Freeths

Rachel Oakes Henman Freeths
  • “Our aim is for every member of the team using Passle to create at least two posts a week, and the gamification, with the six of us competing against each other, really helped to get things going.”

    Rachel Oakes
  • "The results have been better than we could have ever anticipated. The traffic to our website and the length of time people stay is significantly higher."

    Rachel Oakes
  • "During the initial stages of using and understanding Passle our BD team was very hands-on. Now it is very much in our hands. It is the fee-earners that are driving Passle forward in its wider roll-out."

    Rachel Oakes

Excerpts from PSMG magazine, interviewed by Matt Baldwin (February/March 2016)