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Flint Hyde

“I think the stats online speak for themselves. My number of Twitter followers has increased by 150% in the last 6 months – mainly through Passle.”

Gareth Eggle, Head of Insurance at Flint Hyde

Gareth Eggle, Flint Hyde


Gareth Eggle is the Head of Insurance at Flint Hyde, a boutique search firm. Flint Hyde’s communications strategy, as a search firm, was primarily direct client contact (over the phone, at meetings, or through attended and organised events). The market is saturated by firms with large advertising budgets, making it harder for SMEs to compete. ‘As the market I was targeting is somewhat saturated by firms with large advertising budgets, I was seeking an alternative, content led marketing strategy, which Passle facilitates’, says Gareth.


Passle facilitates an alternative, content-led marketing strategy, that allows Flint Hyde to compete with larger firms. For Eggle, it is a “significant opportunity to save my time, and share significantly more content”. Using Passle has significantly increased Eggle’s digital profile, bringing him numerous opportunities, some of which are outlined below.

Flint Hyde’s Journey

October 2015

Flint Hyde Financial Services starts using Passle to deliver their content marketing strategy.

November 2015

Gareth Eggle’s increased digital profile brought him to the attention of the MD of StartUp Accelerator.

As a result, he was invited to be a mentor for Insurance Programme at StartUpBootCamp – the only representative from the recruitment sector out of over 150 mentors.

Startup Boot Camp logo

December 2015

Gareth Eggle was invited to be part of the London InsTech meet-up group organising committee due to perceived knowledge and interest in the subject.

January 2016

Gareth Eggle is invited to contribute to the Gareth Eggle in the Insurance Times as a recognised expert in the Insurtech sector.


February 2016

Gareth Eggle joins the judging panel for the Insurance Nexus IoT Europe Awards. Once again, he is the only non-industry professional in the group.

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