Our story

Passle: the expert-to-expert sales and marketing platform

Passle was started by two brothers, Tom & Adam Elgar in a small office above the third-best supermarket in Oxford.

They had just sold their business, a tech firm that helped banks all around the world offer custom-printed photos on their credit and debit cards. During their adventures putting dogs and babies on bank cards, the brothers had realised that buyers and sellers of big-ticket business-to-business services needed a new kind of marketing.

Buying had changed, but selling hadn’t

Services firms typically had complex offerings across many different areas. As a result, there were multiple “leaders” driving value for customers in different parts of the business.

However, marketing technologies were all built around a central marketing team which made it very difficult for the experts in the firm to create content-marketing resources that would help prospects buy their services. Marketers (who were experts at marketing) lacked the deep subject-matter expertise required to reach customers with meaningful stories about all their offerings.

Passle was created to address this and enable a firm’s sales and marketing to be expert-led, timely, authentic and useful for buyers.

This enables the central marketing function to use their expertise to direct the marketing initiatives but allows each of the business units to engage their buyers with helpful, relevant content that guides the customer and positions the firm as the best choice to provide the solution.