Passle: the expert-to-expert sales and marketing platform

Expert-to-expert is a new sales and marketing approach that focuses on engaging with the needs of your key accounts and demonstrating that your expertise is uniquely suited to helping them.

Knowledge is what differentiates your experts from the rest of the pack. This is difficult for firms as the marketing team can not easily demonstrate the ability of their experts, which is so critical to the sales process. Passle helps you to empower your experts.

In the video, brothers Tom and Adam Elgar (Passle’s founders) explain how Passle makes this possible.

The Passle story

Passle helps your experts to create engaging and timely content. Best of all, their insights are valuable to your customers, prospects, employees and stakeholders.

Tom and Adam Elgar started Passle in 2012. They founded, built and exited two internet/software start-ups before.

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